Document / performance / installation 

2015 -

The work Cycles (performance / action) has been running since 2015 and has been presented repeatedly in the form of an installation / document, always in another form. It is made of documentary material (photos, videos and audios, texts, drawings ...) that represents segments of continuous work. It is based on everyday and occasional actions that are connected by black objects - packages. The contents of the objects are made of inorganic waste materials that the author collects in her daily life. During the actions, she treats the objects in different ways, setting them in public and private, open and closed spaces, destroying them, creating them again and documenting each procedure. In the meantime, objects are transformed through the processes of documentation and use, changing the presentation format. Using objects and documentary material in different contexts (in certain symbolic private and public spaces - virtual and physical), the author treats various topics and issues related to everyday life, self-reflection, cause and effect relations, responsibility, the position of the artist in the current economic and social system, human nature...


Rad Ciklusi (performans/akcija) traje od 2015. godine i do sada je u vidu instalacije / dokumenta predstavljen više puta, uvek u nekom drugom obliku. Čini ga dokumentarni materijal (foto, video i audio zapisi, tektovi, crteži...) koji predstavlja segmente kontinuiranog rada. Baziran je na svakodnevnim i povremenim akcijama koje povezuju crni objekti - paketi. Sadržaj objekata čine otpadne neorganske materije koje autorka sakuplja u svom svakodnevnom životu. Tokom akcija objekte tretira na različite načine, postavljajući ih u javnim i privatnim, otvorenim i zatvorenim prostorima, uništava ih, stvara iznova i dokumentuje svaki postupak. U međuvremenu objekti se transformišu kroz procese dokumentacije i upotrebe, menjaju oblik prezentacije. Upotrebljavajući objekte i dokumentarni materijal u različitim kontekstima (određenim simboličkim privatnim i javnim prostorima - virtuelnim i fizičkim) autorka tretira različite teme i pitanja koja se odnose na svakodnevicu, samorefleksiju, uzročno-posledične odnose, odgovornost, poziciju umetnika u aktuelnom ekonomskom i društvenom sistemu, čovekovu prirodu...

Cycles 2019 @ Differences

Across the Europe (Cycles 2020)

Across the Europe (Cycles 2020) @ / Book-Art object 4 / Do we know each other? @ MAA

Interaktivna instalacija Across the Europe pripada procesu pod nazivom Ciklusi. Proces Ciklusi (performans / akcija) traje od 2015. godine i do sada je u vidu instalacije / dokumenta predstavljen više puta, uvek u nekom drugom obliku. Čini ga dokumentarni materijal (foto, video i audio zapisi, objekti, tekstovi, crteži...) koji svedoči o svakodnevnim i povremenim umetničkim akcijama koje se baziraju na destrukciji, re-kreaciji, reinterpretaciji i koje predstavljaju kontemplaciju određenih društvenih fenomena i same egzistencije. Instalaciju / dokument Across the Europe čine objekti od pepela, zastava sa odlomkom iz knjige Saturnovi prstenovi V. G. Zebalda (Winfried Georg Sebald) na poljskom, engleskom i srpskom jeziku i video rad Combustion koji je moguće pogledati putem QR koda.

Cycles - 000000006
exhibition view


Cycles 2016 @ Fabrika SCCNS

Cycles - 000000002
exhibition view

Ciklusi 2018 @ Blok Gallery

Cycles 000000005

Cycles 2016 @ Devetka

Cycles 000000004
exhibition view

Ciklusi 2016 @ Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Ciklusi 2016 @ Magacin u Kraljevića Marka

Ciklusi - 000000003


Cycles - How the Self-sustaining Installation was Made 2016 @ Menjačnica

How the Self-sustaining Installation Was Made

The work How the Self-sustaining Installation Was Made is part of the Cycle process and consists of text and a photo. The photograph shows the installation, a pile of black ball objects exposed in a non-gallery space, which examines the position and possibilities of the artist within the given frames of the economic system. The work is a kind of response to my current situation, which reflects my view of the artwork as a product made for the market. The installation was first exhibited in the common room of the House Council, on the tenth floor of the solitaire I live in, in front of a small audience of tenants. The text describes the action and how the Self-sustaining installation was created.



Cycles - Good Thoughts 2016 @ Exit

Good Thoughts

Interactive print on textile titled Good Thoughts is build on previous work, complex, long-term performance with whom I want to ask the question of how we think about our actions, are we aware of our actions and their consequences in everyday life. The performance was documented and presented as exhibition of documentary material during which visitors could take part in the performance being photographed with the mask that I have used performing.
The main and only motive on this image called Good Thoughts, located in the central part of the white canvas, is my figure but without face, ie. with mask. By using documentary material of the performance to create this work, Good Thoughts became it’s visual and conceptual extension. Picture Good thoughts points to another aspect of everyday life asking question what kind of  good thoughts dwell in our beings. From visitors is expected to participate in the further creation of the artwork by writing their good thoughts on canvas with pencil that is attached. 
Exit Festival was such a great place to exhibit this work because of amount and diversity of the people that go through it.



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