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PERSPECTIVE 2008 Art Clinic/ Art Klinika

  Exhibition of awarded works, PERSPECTIVE 2008 Art Clinic, Novi Sad

Exhibition of awarded works of students of Fine art Academy Novi Sad/ Izložba nagrađenih diplomskih radova Akademije umetnosti Novi Sad

Exhibition of awarded works of students of Fine art Academy Novi Sad, Gallery of Matica srpska , Novi Sad  

P0002 - installation

P0002 is a space installation consisting of 18 objects, 20-50 cm in diameter, made of burned wood and polyester, and documentary material that witness about the phases of composing of this sculpture installation. The objects are the result of a process of diverse treatments of wooden boulders. A common feature of all treatments is that they all represent some kind of burning such as fire-burning and chemical combustion, a turbulent reaction that occurs when the ratio of the components used during the making of polyester is not correct. In this artwork, the burning plays the "transforming" role, that is, it represents the external influence. In this process, I wanted to examine the relationship of destruction and production, which are summarized in the process of change caused by the action of an external force. More pictures:

P0001- video installation

The artwork represents a white circle becoming black, different, changed by layered progression of the black matter. The artwork is about the extremes. It shows the proceeding of the situation to its own extreme, caused by the action of an external influence . I wanted to show the process of transformation from one to another extreme. The relation between black and white, how white becomes black, layered progression of black over a white circle, the black that occupies the white, domination of the black, the change…