How Self-sustainable Installation is made - work at the group exhibition at Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić.

Danube Dialogues 2019 - Contemporary Art Festival

Works were part of Artistic dialogues: Along the Danube from Apatin to Kladovo - Exhibition of Flags, curated by Sava Stepanov, art critic

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➤ Danube Dialogues 2018 - Contemporary Art Festival

Installation Hold was in accompanying programme of the 6th Danube Dialogues, entitled NOVI SAD+

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➤ Mapping the Human Brain - V.23 - The Old Biscuit Factory, London (2018)

Participating with segment of Cycles.

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➤ Home Workouts - Andrea Palašti (2018)

Participating in Andrea Palašti's project with some workouts.

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