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Prostorni ogledi u Novom magazinu

U novom broju nedeljnika Novi magazin (13.9.2018.), u rubrici Ogledi , objavljen je moj tekst pod nazivom Prostorni ogledi.

Worry Crosses The River - Danica Bićanić & Bernhard Hansbauer @ IMAF

Togheter with my dear friend Bernhard Hansbauer I was participating in this years 20th International multimedia Art Festival - IMAF . We were performing 20 min long experiment that is called Worry Crosses The River. The performance Worry Crosses The River is an audiovisual experiment with a focus on reflection and echo motifs. The name points to Higinus (Gaius Julius Hyginus) fable, in which Worry, as an allegory figure, decides to create a being out of soft clay by her own reflection that she has seen while crossing the river. She made the creature with the help of Jupiter and Telus - Earth. A creature - human – remains in the possession of Worry until its death. The aforementioned fable is the central motif of the Hans Blumenberg's book with the same title, which, among other things, raises questions concerning the care of man's existence. Performance Worry Crosses The River draws attention to the Worry's narcissistic impulse and to the human's position w