Shaping / Sensitive Soft Object

Installation (work-in-progress), 2017 -

Sensitive Soft Object 2019 @ SMIC (SULUV Gallery)

The work Shaping - Sensitive Soft Object (work in progress) is an interactive installation made by a soft rubber sculptures and instruction / invitation for interaction. It started in 2017. Since then the object became also touch sensitive, it vibrates when audience touches it. The author invites viewers to shape the sculptural form she initially designed and to document the result. Due to its soft structure, the sculpture provides an opportunity for viewers to shape it and change its appearance any way they like. Object is absolutely open to the free will of the makers. Because of its white and sensitive surface, being touched by the time, the object surface changesDocumentary material (photographs, comments and other data …), that is collected from the audience, is presented in different ways (via the Internet, as part of future performances related to the work Shaping, etc.) with the goal of presenting the diversity and multiplicity of factors involved in shaping a reality, in this case the sculpture. The work Shaping questions the topics related to communication, relations, sensitivity, responsibility, free will and perception.

Anđela Mujičić "Faust Sculpture" 2017 @ SULUJ, Belgrade

       DIM Team 2017 @ SULUJ, Belgrade

@ Grenz Art, Holabrun 2019

Suvi Jedriličar 2017 @ Exit

Aleksandar Krstić 2017 @ Exit

Something Scary 2017 @ Exit

Sensitive Soft Object 2019 @ SMIC. SULUV Novi Sad

Sensitive Soft Object 2019 @ SMIC. SULUV Novi Sad

more photos by the audience

Audience shaping the Senesitive Soft Sculpture @ Exit 2017

→ Sensitive Soft Object events:

Soft Sculpture - Hard Thoughts @ SULUJ Belgrade


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