'Good Thoughts' @ Exit Festival

Interactive print on textile titled "Good Thoughts" is build on previous work, complex, long-term performance with whom I want to ask the question of how we think about our actions, are we aware of our actions and their consequences in everyday life. The performance was documented and presented as exhibition of documentary material during which visitors could take part in the performance being photographed with the mask that I have used performing.
The main and only motive on this image called "Good Thoughts", located in the central part of the white canvas, is my figure but without face, ie. with mask. By using documentary material of the performance to create this work, "Good Thoughts" became it’s visual and conceptual extension. Picture “Good thoughts” points to another aspect of everyday life asking question what kind of  good thoughts dwell in our beings. From visitors is expected to participate in the further creation of the artwork by writing their good thoughts on canvas with pencil that is attached. 
Exit Festival was such a great place to exhibit this work because of amount and diversity of the people that go through it.



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